About Us
bHIP was founded by entrepreneur Terry LaCore. Our global headquarters are located in Melissa, Texas, USA, with additional facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. bHIP currently operates in over thirty countries around the globe, and plans to expand to many more in the coming months. Since our inception, we at bHIP have devoted ourselves to creating a truly global platform for today's multinational economy. Our executives and hands-on management teams are committed to providing dedicated men and women with the tools they need to realize their long-term business goals.

Mission Statement
Our mission at bHIP is to deliver authentic, unique health and wellness products to a global audience. By offering verifiable scientific information along with our quality products, bHIP hopes to create a trustworthy and solid community for promoters, members and customers alike.

Global Strategy
Our goal at bHIP is to continue our international expansion, employing global sensitivity and word-of-mouth advertising to take our unique business model abroad to a variety of markets and countries. At bHIP, "community" is more than just a word, and we believe in contributing to the public that supports us. We strongly believe in transparency and brand responsibility, and make every effort to adhere to the product and legal guidelines of our stated distribution areas. Our sensible approach to best industry practices, coupled with a sturdy and reliable online infrastructure, give our members the tools they need to cultivate their own business. We have faith in the strength and authenticity of our brand, and consider word-of-mouth advertising more than enough to ensure international success. bHIP will continue to expand across the globe, instilling our vision in the minds and hearts of our consumers. Go tell the world: bHIP is here.